About Us

Abigayle & Andrew Louis

My name is Abigayle, and my husband Andrew and I, moved from New Braunfels, Texas to Midland in January of 2021 after God called us to the Permian Basin. Andrew works with Child Evangelism Fellowship® of West Texas which is a worldwide organization whose mission is to spread the Gospel to children. He’s been working with them for over 10 years and it was time for Midland to hear about the Good News! So here we are!!

So far Midland has been pretty good to us and the people are great! You’re probably wondering how I came to the conclusion to start my own bakery and catering business, but to me, it’s a pretty simple answer, because I LOVE IT! I’ve always had a very creative personality in MANY aspects of my life. (Don’t mean to toot my own horn but TOOT!! TOOT!!) Whether it be turning a room into a cozy comfy space to take naps, or tearing the sleeves off an old jacket and sewing them onto a rundown vest to make a new jacket. And of course, BAKING!! I remember being a little kid sneaking into the kitchen at 3 am to bake cookies, even though I couldn’t read. I matched the measurements from the cookbooks to the measuring spoons and cups we had and somehow by the Grace of God not only did I not burn down the house (whew!), I also got delicious cookies every time!

I used to get in trouble, but then my mother realized she kept waking up to baked goods and no one says no to that, right? I've always loved sharing my recipes and baked goods with people. The smile that it brings to their face and how it could simply change a bad mood into a good one brings me such happiness!! I’ve always wanted to have my own business but never could put my finger on what I wanted to do, mostly because I like too many things and could never decide between them. I was always torn between baking and interior design/decorating because those are my most favorite things. Family members and friends have always encouraged me to take the leap of faith and just do it, but I never wanted to until a friend of ours asked me to cater her wedding. It kinda just hit me at that moment, “Why does this keep coming up? Maybe it’s God's plan, and I do love it!”

I figured I could mix my culinary and creativity gift together and bake AND specialize in decorative dessert tables! I just prayed, “God, you keep bringing this idea back up. If you want me to go through with this door, then give me a clever name”. If you know me at all, you know that I overthink everything and I can’t ever decide on names, nor am I good at them. Not 10 minutes later I came up with Baby Bake Cake and the story behind it is when my husband's sweet tooth comes out, he will always say, “Baby, bake cookies!!” “Baby, bake brownies!!” or “Baby, bake (etc)!” I thought the word “cake” would be a perfect fit and it could symbolize any kind of dessert. It was at that moment I became completely obsessed and knew God wanted me to do this and that’s when Baby Bake Cake was born!!